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Forex RapID Check
Forex RapID Check

Forex RapID Check

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Required Documents - Customer on-boarding

During Forex World’s customer on-boarding process, Forex World has an obligation to identify each prospective remittance customer in accordance with its anti-money laundering obligations, and may use the services of a third-party identification verification service provider (such as a credit reporting agency). The information you provide will be matched against public and government sources and personal information held by the credit reporting agency on your credit file. The process is for identity verification only.

The third party verification service providers used to verify your identification details include:

  • Credit data files held by Equifax Pty Ltd (for identification purposes only, and not a credit check).
  • Publicly available information such as the electoral roll Information held by the official record holder via third party systems, such as Commonwealth and State government departments.

Collection and verification of customer information is a mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement under the AML/CTF act and must be completed for approval to use Forex World’s remittance service. All information provided will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act.

I agree to the conditions above and with Forex World's Remittance Client Agreement
I have read and fully understand information stated on the Forex World AML/CTF Statement

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